Friday, April 18, 2008

Oracle BI Applications

"Oracle’s applications have given the company a large, heterogeneous applications and infrastructure installed base. These customers need an integrated way to access, analyze and deliver information and insight from multiple business applications," the trio notes. "[T]he newly branded Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition from the Siebel acquisition—which Gartner previously rated as visionary [in its magic quadrant]—has given Oracle a new opportunity to create a compelling BI platform strategy and become a significant BI platform and applications vendor in 2007 and beyond".

Pitney Bowes Improves TCO with Oracle BI

The Oracle at Delphi once provided valuable insights to those seeking its counsel. Today, Oracle’s BI solution provides similar services to insight-hungry businesspeople. Find out how Pitney Bowes got a handle on 2 million customer accounts by standardizing on the Oracle BI platform.

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